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**Very Important new Class Sign Up Procedures**
Due to the fact that in recent months we have had quite a few last minute student cancellations, I have decided to go back to my procedure of payment at the time of sign up. When you sign up for a class you can either call with credit card info (during business hours) or stop by the store and pay for your class. Payment must be made at least 1 week prior to class and no refunds will be made beyond that time. If you need to cancel, you will be able to get a 50% refund prior to a week before the class is scheduled.

Let me explain the reason for this change. The teachers spend a lot of time preparing for their classes by making up class kits, ordering supplies and putting a lot of their own money into getting ready for classes. Since a lot of supplies are wasted when someone cancels at the last minute ( kits are already cut and made up), it is not fair to the teacher to foot the bill for this. For some classes it would be possible for you to receive the kit.

This goes into effect immediately so if you are signed up for a class please call or come by.

I understand that emergencies come up and sometimes it is unavoidable and I will take into consideration these issues.  

To sign up for classes on the website..go to the calendar page and click on the class date. This should bring you to a page that allows you to sign up for the class. Classes need to be paid at time of sign up either by phone with credit card or in person.